1. Pharma logo design goes to Hollywood →

    Pentagram sticks to the brief in creating an illuminating logo and tv spot for a new FDA approved antidepressant…

  2. Beautifully complex, delightfully simple →

    MoMA’s site for Inventing Abstraction 1910-1925

  3. The Everyday Collection Live Tweet-to-Runway Show →

    On January 24th, the Everyday Collection went live with the first Tweet-to-Runway show inspired by everyday tweets.


    Recap video.

  4. Sites of the Week

    Originally I posted these separately but I figured it would be easier to bucket them into one post. The trend towards making content more accessible is apparent across the board.


    Last week Pentagram revealed their new logo design for Billboard Magazine, reviewed by Armin Vit here. This week Area 17 rolls out the redesigned website. As much as so called flat design has become a trend lately I think they pulled of a site that has more openness than most while still delivering a range of content.

    A List Apart

    The go to publisher of articles for people who make websites has redesigned with a content first approach and blue links! They’ve added additional content beyond their biweekly articles including columns, and a link blog. Enjoy the Retina friendly illustrations by Kevin Cornell.

    Visit the new site, by checking out what we learned in 2012.

    New Republic

    Not exactly responsive but adaptive layout takes a bold style and similar content forward approach. Be sure to check out the audio transcription of the articles, one of many nice details.

  5. Unconstrained Ideas | Constrained Environments →

    Two things we love - the latest evolution in networking and the six-word challenge - come crashing together in one article.


    As Hemingway’s 6-word tale and other short formats attest, it’s possible to do dramatic things within extreme creative constraints.

  6. OXO's Quirky Response (to the Broom Groomer) →

    For a little background, all of this started on Monday with a billboard on 28th Street in Chelsea, just two blocks from OXO’s office. Quirky claimed the OXO Upright Dust Pan “ripped off” their design. An image of the billboard was shared with Quirky’s nearly 30,000 Facebook fans…

  7. Child of the 90s. (I love this!)


  8. American Airlines rebrands for the first time in over 40 years

    American Airlines rebrands for the first time in over 40 years

  9. Form Follows Function →


    How is HTML5 evolving? Beauitfully.

  10. Warby Parker reinvents the annual report. →

    And, brings back the horizontal scroll! And, it works on mobile. Well… sort of.